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Personal Growth and Skydiving… combined?

Coffs Skydivers comes to you with a unique difference from other skydiving companies in that we have created an arm for something very precious and dear to our heart, Personal Growth, Team Development and a range of other products connected to heart and soul!!


With our focus on Unlimited Potential and possibility we look deeply into what holds us back from 100% love and authenticity in ourselves. We look at how fear, conditioning, disconnection and the stories we tell ourselves limit us from being all of who we are.

It is through our connection with personal growth and skydiving we have managed to reach amazing heights with individuals and within ourselves that were once thought not possible.

We use process work and facilitation to find the doorways to healthy, happy, incredible lives filled with the idea of possibility and we use the art of body flight (FREEFALL) to capture the moment like never before. It is through our connection with personal development and skydiving we have managed to reach amazing heights with individuals and within ourselves that were once thought not possible.

Whether you’ve got something to move through, an old way of being that needs to shift or you’re celebrating something special or just wanna have the best fun known in a connected way, we have the perfect ingredients that will help you lead yourself to the answers you looking for. That’s right, we don’t have the answers, you do, we simply assist you to unlock them and be ABSOLUTELY all of who you really are 🙂


Steve Hill aka Hilly set out to seek some answers for himself at the age of 18 when he attended his first personal growth workshop. From there it’s been 27 years of learning, teaching and facilitating, which found its way through the door of our business in 2005. Since then Steve, the visionary of CS has been tenaciously growing the team at CS, helping them overcome fear, limiting beliefs, assisting and encouraging them to move toward the freedom of being exactly who they want to be. During this time he has developed unique processes to give to the wonderful people who come to skydive with us, for a day (doing a tandem skydive) or for a lifetime, (through our learn to skydive program).

Steve and the team have been running corporate workshops and trainings for over 10 years now with amazing success.

Lawrence Hill aka Pom spent his younger years in London as a Goth Punk sweeping the streets looking for something different in life, freedom and excitement. He moved to Australia at the young age of 20 needing a break from the craziness of life in London.

His journey had definitely begun, but it was about to shift to a whole different level in Australia. Pom lived in communities with a difference, deep in the bush of the hinterland ranges adjacent to the north coast, he spent time reflecting on what real freedom and authenticity was about for him. It’s wasn’t long (7 years ha ha) before he decided to come down out of the trees and share himself with the world. From here he became a scuba diving instructor for 10 years before joining Steve, participating and soon after, running workshops and facilitation programs. It became a love for Pom, his growth, passion, stories and wisdom have assisted hundreds faces to big smiles and unlimited possibilities over the years.

Pom was once asked by Steve if he was interested in becoming an instructor. Pom laughed loud thinking it was a joke, he could never achieve that, a skydiving instructor was out of his possibility thought process. Within 5 years Pom had become not only an instructor but the Chief instructor of CS, as well as a tandem master and a parachute rigger, you da man Pom !!!

Kerry Weldon aka Kezza came to us in 2010. Kerry had won her battle with breast cancer but it had taken its toll on her emotionally. Soon after she also lost her beloved husband, which as you can imagine was the icing on a pretty shitty cake.

Kerry came looking for something, she was not sure what it was but she felt she might find it through skydiving, and a match made in heaven was born. Kerry had found the right place. In no time at all Kerry was building a new life, she learned many skills to cope with and understand her fate, she worked tirelessly with Steve on her personal growth to build resilience and change old patterns. Kerry, an amazingly efficient organiser started to take interest in CS and it wasn’t long before Kerry working with the company. These days Kerry has an amazing, exciting and fruitful life, she skydives, something she believed was not even nearly possible for a woman in her mid forties who until 5 years ago didn’t even drive a car, oh and yes Kerry now has a full licence and owns 2 cars ha ha !!

Kerry has become the backbone of our company, she is the CFO and Administrator. Without Kerry life at CS would definitely not be the same. Kerry keeps us all in line, well, as much as you can with Freedom skydivers.

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