About Coffs Skydivers - Coffs Skydivers

On the other side of fear is freedom!

About Coffs Skydivers

Exciting, amazing, brilliant, feel clear and connected, fun, adventure and freedom.

These are just some of the words people are using when they talk about Coffs Skydivers.


It starts with our company statement:

“We aim to give you 100% of our authentic selves to allow you the most amazing journey possible”

That’s what we are about.

Add this to our very own coined phrase on the other side of fear is freedom!!” This starts to give you an idea of who we are and what makes us tick.

We live the adventure sports lifestyle. From this we have developed a wonderful sense of fun and connection; we would love to share this with you. We create an environment that has people just like you experiencing the time of their lives.

Coffs Skydivers

This amazing little boutique skydive centre was created over 20 years ago in 1995. Since then we have learned plenty, grown deeply into who we are and have touched the souls of many thousands of beautiful adventurous humans and their supporters, not to mention doing hundred’s of thousands of jumps.

We are the ones who care about who you are, are interested in your story and invite you into our precious skydive family, for a moment, a day or a lifetime.

We support our local community and communities afar throughout each year, giving back much of what we get, financially, personally and energetically. We believe vulnerability, love and sharing is the way of the future and hold ourselves accountable to this belief.

We are also the only skydive centre in the world we know of, that consciously mixes skydiving and adrenalin with personal and team development, offering individual, group, corporate and spiritual workshops along with the utter life changing moment of FREEFALL.

Being present to what is! Our skill development largely depends on living in the moment and here at Coffs Skydivers, every time we exit the plane we experience being in the moment. So we are well trained to guide you, your family, friends, employees or colleagues into places within you all, that you may only ever have dreamed of. Be here Now!

Possibility is our mantra, join us on this incredible journey of life !!!

Love the Coffs Skydivers Family