Coffs Skydivers | Skydiving Mid North Coast, NSW Australia

JUMP: Australia's highest beach skydive from $289

Australia's highest beach skydive from $289

Fall from 15,000 feet and land on the beach - it doesn't get any better, believe us! Coffs Skydivers is home to Australia's highest beach skydive. Our beach landing packages start at only $289.

FLY SOLO: Get your license to fly in only 6 days!

Learn to Skydive with Coffs Skydivers

By learning to skydive you have the chance to experience the thrill of solo flight. Our 9 stage (jump) course is designed to put you in the HOT SEAT, flying through the air, controlling your own destiny.



Jump into a place where your heart absolutely sings! Join us in this amazing, life changing, exquisite adventure into the mystery.

Coffs Skydivers, Awesome!

" Great team, so friendly with a heap of experience with focus on the personal development side of challenging ones boundaries. Supportive and VERY happy staff... "
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Experience to treasure forever!

" much more than a breathtaking view and exhilarating rush of adrenaline, above all I realised my potential whilst conquering my biggest fear. The sky is no longer the limit and I feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind to do. "
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" I watched my partner and his sons sky dive together as a birthday present. They were all out of their minds with delight. Great professional set up. Best gift I've ever given anyone... they'll never forget it. "
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Skydive Coffs Harbour, Mid North Coast, NSW

Welcome to Coffs Skyidvers! We offer you 100% of our authentic selves to allow you the most amazing journey possible.

The ORIGINAL and only Skydiving Centre in Coffs Harbour, our Drop Zone has been operating from our amazing location on the Mid North Coast, NSW for over 20 years.

Coffs Skydivers has always been a wonderful skydiving destination with superb beaches and subtropical countryside. The panoramic views are simply breathtaking.

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